Hawk (hawkens) wrote,

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So. I haven't posted in a while, but I felt like I had to bring you this...


WE GOT DEATHSTAR :D (got you! :D :D)

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ZOMG! Long time no chat!
Ahhh! For real! I haven't seen you in forever!!
Things have been super exciting lately! e-mail me so we can chat more! :D
Hey, could you help me find one of your fics? It's called To sleep perchance to dream. I tried to click on it via handbasketnews but no luck. Where is it? Appreciate your help. Mac63
I'd love to, but...I've written a loooot, so I'm not sure just by that name, do you remember what fandom it was for?
Nevermind, I'm dumb, found it, haha, you should really join nflrps if you like nfl slash as that's where it is, and I've written a lot of other things with that pairing if you're interested, but if not I could always e-mail it to you, up to you! Here's the link though, if you can get to it.

Thanks for the quick reply Hawk. Unfortunately I could not find it on nfl rps at all and searched up and down those pages. Could you email it to me at cmcmillar@yahoo.com. Thanks.
Hold the presses I found it.
Haha, okay good! I hope you liked it!