Hawk (hawkens) wrote,


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If you posted more, I would comment more :-P
If I had interesting things to say more often, I would post more often. ^^
This is unacceptable. I am not even on the list. WHAT IS THIS FUCKERYYYYY?! hehe.
I know! I thought I failed by only have 6 on yours but you failed MUCH worse! Roffles, probably because I never post anything but still! Hehe
holy crap your alive *hugs* please save us....*wibbles* we need you. but besides that how are you doing.
*hugs back*

Save you? From whaaaat?

And I'm doing pretty well, thanks, how are you? Other than apparently needing to be saved, hah
the horrible things in the comm that is being disguised as fic *cries*

aww thats good i havent seen you online or anything whats up .. hows the idol fandom doing to you


9 years ago

Whoo, number fifteen. xD
Whoooo! ^_^
So if you add up my two journals, I'd be in second behind De - not counting you :P Not too shabby if I do say so myself ;)

*huge hugs* How are you??
*huge hugs back* Yeah, it's funny, most of the people on that list are, like, two different s/ns, you and Dee and my friend Bri. Haha. And your icon still makes me ^_______^ just fyi, hehe

I'm doing good, working a lot with my two jobs, haha, but other than that I'm great. Still overly obsessive, no surprises there ;) What about you?! How's school going?! ^_^
It is so sad seeing my old journal crossed out. *sadface*
*hugs* True, but think of it positively, we had some awesome fun back in the day. Back at TABA and all, heh <3 Lovvvvver you! ^_^
Ack, so low! I am duly ashamed - though I dare say if you posted more, I would comment more. :p Glad to see you're still about, though. I miss talking to you!
Haha, I know, I know, curse my jobs! I've missed talking to you as well! I think about you sometimes and wonder how you are, it really feels like forever since we've messaged each other!


9 years ago