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Mostly Greatness

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated, haha, I tend to do that a lot, don't I?

Anyway, life is mostly going fantastic. New car, new job, pretty much new life. I do seriously miss the people at my old job but I know I'll make new friends and I can always go visit them. And I'll be making more money for a better company so that's good. Yaay Publix, hah.

But there is just this one thing that's been bugging me. Okay, so, the store that I got my job at...my mom just happens to be the deli manager there. And she's really fantastic, the hardest and fastest worker I've ever seen, she's really awesome. So when I applied there she said she saw my application and that it looked good was in the highest level according to this test thing I had to take about being a good worker, basically a 'duh I don't blame my boss if I'm a horrible employee' kind of test.

But she also said that they were getting a LOT of applications so it was easy for mine to be buried. And she thought about it for several days and then decided she was going to ask the manager of the store about it. Not in a "YOU BETTER HIRE MY DAUGHTER" kind of way but a "Hey could you look at this one application if you have time" kind of thing, and she even asked him if it was appropriate first. He said definitely that he wanted to meet me and to come on in.

That was a few weeks ago and I went to the interview and talked to him and he hired me for Customer Service which is a lot harder job than just a cashier from what I've heard but sounds a lot like the Guest Services job I had at my other job. So I figured I was up to that, besides just being a regular cashier sounds really boring to do all day every day when I was used to doing cashier/guest services/framing/fabric/stocking at my other job. And everything there is great so far, I passed the cashier test and have my own code numbers and am doing great according to the people who were training me.

That's fantastic and not at all the problem.

The thing that bugs me is that, okay, my stepmom worked at Publix as a cashier for about 5 months, like, four years ago. So naturally she figures that she knows everything about how it works and before I even went in for the interview she was like 'you'll not get that position, that's a really good one and they only promote from within' and stuff which I thought was pessimistic but brushed off as she's mostly a pessimistic person.

(Oh something else that bugs me about her was that she asked if the reason I was changing jobs was because Brie - 17 year old stepsister/Dee's daughter - recently got a job and already made more than I was making at my other job I'd been at for, like, 4 years and it was like wtf? No, my life choices don't have everything to do with your daughter that I LOVE LOVE LOVE but that you talk about ALL the time and live vicariously through)

But ANYWAY, so, now that I actually got the job, both her AND MY DAD were 'joking' about how it was just nepitism and it was because of mom that I got that position. Now I'm kind of a non confrontational kind of person when things hurt my feelings or whatever so it was kind of a big thing for me when I flat out told my dad that those snide comments bothered me and how I didn't think they were true. He was quick to tell me that he's just joking but he STILL said that it was probably true anyway.

So it just seriously pisses me off but at the same time I'm worried that people at work are going to think that too...? I REALLY hope not because I'm new and don't know much yet about it and I don't want to step on any toes. Especially because a lot of people there already seem to assume that I know what I'm doing all the time. When, duh, ringing people is kind of obvious, but on everything else I'm brand new. Just feel a little nervous about all that so I think that's why those comments are bothering me.

And now I feel better having shared it. *lets out a breath*

Now I'm going to immerse myself in DAVID COOK stuff. Geez, I really am in love with the guy, he's just so funny and so talented. And, haha, I can't believe this, but I'm totally into -American Idol- fanfiction. And I used to hate RPS before the nfl and now this...I think I'm losing my mind. But I just love him and Michael Johns and any interaction between the two of them is amazing. I've even written some slash for them - a lot, four fics already! And that's just in...what, one month? That's a lot for me. Hah, thinking about it makes me feel better already. :)
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