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Yay More Football-ness!

Okay, well, so far so good as far as the playoffs go. Well, I would have preferred the Red Skins win, I guess, but I am HAPPY the Jags beat the Steelers. Now the MOST important game is tomorrow so PLEASE WIN BUCS! Even though that means they'll have to play at the Cowboys and THAT will be rough. Still, we can do it. ^^ I just hope the Chargers win as I'd actually much rather the Jags play the Pats and the Colts and the Chargers than the Colts have to play the Jags. They are on FIRE. Not that the Chargers'll be easy but...it is the playoffs.

Actually, in the end, I don't even really CARE, I just want the Bucs to win and the Colts to win. That's all I'm about. As, er, if you read my previous entry I'm sure you'd know. Haha.

And I even got another chapter of my fic out. I think one persons comments helped me to really focus on something that I've been trying to do all along. Whee, and now I even have the next planned out. I swear this is the most -together- I've ever been when writing, haha, that's actually kind of sad. ^_^
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